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Written by Sudip Sharma (writer/showrunner of Paatal Lok) and Mukul Deora.
A sci-fi thriller set in Mumbai circa 2030, DreamWatcher follows Lisa as she returns to India to have an illegal operation done on her father in the hope that his memory will return and shed light on her violent past. 


2030: Somnus, a multinational corporation, has found a way to extract the hormones we secrete when we sleep. It has hundreds of sleep farms all over the world, where contract labourers/donors sleep and allow extraction. These hormones are then sold as disposable cartridges - iFresh - to billions of people, so they can be sleepless. To ensure zero contamination from the donor's subconscious, Somnus only sells high-quality deep sleep. But there is a thriving black market for dirty sleep- sleep containing fragments of the donor's mind/dreams. Burnt out by the harsh reality of their existence, millions prefer to escape into someone else's dreams. Addicted to this parallel universe, they drift from one contaminated cartridge to the next- the Watchers.
Will Lisa be able to use this technology to find her answers, or will she become a Watcher?


A giant rip in the ozone means that all inhabitants have to cover their skin and eyes when outdoors.

Water wars around the city where. Taxis are beaten up cars with ugly black solar panels bolted on. Some of them still have human drivers, although most of them have Babu - a generic talking head prone to malfunction. And civilians have been disappearing at an alarming rate recently.

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